The best available technology for steel and ferroalloys production


Dear Colleagues

We invite you and your enterprise specialists to participate in the 2nd conference "The best available technologies (BAT) in metallurgical production. Steel and ferroalloys", in the framework of which there will be considered issues connected with BAT use and implementation of the ecological norms and presented the newest technologies and technical solutions of the world level as well as advanced practices of the leading domestic and foreign companies. 

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The conference held by Eurasian Metals magazine with support of Russian Steel Association as General partner and Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation will demonstrate achievements in the steelmaking conversion and ferroalloys production as well as advanced expertise. One of the conference tasks is to assist metallurgical enterprises in attaining markers indicators fixed in the information-technical guide on BAT "Production of iron, steel and rolled metal" (approved by the Rostechnadzor Agency).

The conference will be held in a flexible format:
- for speakers – either remotely or in person,
- for majority of participants – in the on-line regime,
- for participants having an opportunity to arrive in Moscow as well as for employees working in Moscow offices of companies – in any variants they wish.

Full presence effect is provided for all participants, including an opportunity to track presentations, to take part in interchange of opinions, to ask questions. Presentations and discussions will be accompanied by simultaneous translation for Russian.

The conference will take part on 14th October, 2020, offline + online.

Venue: Moscow, Golden Ring Hotel, Smolenskaya str. 5, Sergiev Posad Hall.

Registration for online participants – 09:45 (here and further Moscow time), start of sessions – 10:00, closure – 15:00.

The cost of participation – 200 Euros.

All information including complete versions of presentations and video files will be accessible for downloading by participants. 

Organizer: "Eurasian Metals" magazine
Tel.: +7 (495) 784-69-71

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