Engineering Solutions

"Engineering Solutions" - The new information-technical magazine.

The magazine is being created by the initative of The Institute of information and technical-economic research "Chermetinformatsia" and The international industrial magazine "Eurasian Metals".

The new information-technical magazine "Engineering Solutions" is being prepared for publishing in Russian with the aim of a system spreading the information on the latest achievements in the steel industry, including:
• technologies
• equipment
• technical solutions
• materials
• services

The permanent headings:
• Aglo-, coke-, iron making and direct reduction of iron
• Steelmaking, including scrap transformation, continuous casting, slag process, refractories
• Rolling, including heat treatment
• Casting
• Production of ferroalloys
• Means of automatization and of measuring, including laboratory equipment and mountings of non-destructing control
• Metallurgical power engineering, including mountings for air separation, electrical equipment, purification of environment, pumps, closing armature, equipment of heat and power plant
• Panorama, including review articles on the industry problems, information on events, on the most meaningful news of steel industry, on new patents in the sphere of steel production.

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Engineering Solutions
Current issue:
Eurasian Metals
4' 2022