EVRAZ achieves preliminarily qualifications to be a wheel supplier for Deutsche Bahn 26.03.2013

EVRAZ achieves preliminarily qualifications to be a wheel supplier for Deutsche Bahn

March 26, 2013 – EVRAZ successfully completed the preliminary qualifications re-quired to become a supplier of railway wheels for Deutsche Bahn. As a result EVRAZ NTMK is now certified as a solid-rolled wheel manufacturer in accordance with EN13262 and DB AG – BN 918 277, a Deutsche Bahn internal standard. EVRAZ NTMK has been qualified as class 2 wheel manufacturer, which includes the most complex freight traffic class V wheels.

Performance tests of the wheels still need to be held before final approval is given, so in 2013 EVRAZ NTMK will submit a pilot lot to Deutsche Bahn. Subject to positive outcome of tests in 2014, EVRAZ will be able to participate in regular tenders to supply wheels to Deutsche Bahn.

"This preliminary qualification with Deutsche Bahn is an important step in achieving EVRAZ’s strategic goal to enter the European railway market", stated Ilya Shirokobrod, EVRAZ Vice President, Head of the Railway Products Division. "Renovation and introduction of new technologies at EVRAZ NTMK offered the Company an opportunity to supply its products to the European and American markets".

In 2012 EVRAZ NTMK was awarded with an AAR (American Association of Railroads) provisional certificate, was included in the list of suppliers approved by AAR, and received per-mission to supply the first 64 thousand pieces of wheels to the North American market.

Today EVRAZ NTMK's product portfolio includes wheels for use with freight and pas-senger cars, underground railways, special railways, and for electric and diesel locomotives. EVRAZ NTMK is the only Russian enterprise to achieve the complex technology required for production of 1250 mm wheels to be used on EP-20 high-speed electric passenger locomotives.


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