Vladimir Lisin re-elected Chairman of NLMK’s Board of Directors

NLMK’s Board of Directors today held its first meeting since the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting. Vladimir Lisin was elected Chairman of the Board, and Vladimir Skorokhodov was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board.

The Board of Directors also approved a schedule for Board meetings, and established Board Committees made up of the following members:

Strategic Planning Committee:
Chairman – Vladimir Lisin, members: Oleg Bagrin, Vladimir Skorokhodov, Benedict Sciortino (independent director), Karl Doering, Karen Sarkisov, Helmut Wieser (independent director), Franz Struzl (independent director) and Alexey Lapshin.

Audit Committee:
Chairman – Benedict Sciortino (independent director), members: Franz Struzl (independent director), Karl Doering, Nikolai Gagarin and Karen Sarkisov.

Human Resources, Remuneration, and Social Policies Committee:
Chairman – Vladimir Lisin, members: Oleg Bagrin, Vladimir Skorokhodov and Alexey Lapshin.

The Board of Directors appointed the following to the Management Board:

– Oleg Bagrin, President (Chairman of the Management Board)
– Alexander Buraev, Director, Long Products and Metalware
– Brijesh Garg, Vice President, Procurement
– Alexander Gorshkov, Vice President, Head of Iron Ore Division
– Yuri Larin, Vice President, Technology Development & Operational Efficiency
– Alexander Saprykin, Vice President, Strategic Raw Materials Division
– Alexander Sapronov, Vice President, Logistics
– Grigory Fedorishin, Vice President, Finance
– Sergey Filatov, Novolipetsk Managing Director
– Stanislav Tsyrlin, Vice President, HR & Management System


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