New air purification system installed at Mikhailovsky GOK

An exhauster, a new purification system to remove dust from the air, has been installed at the crushing and sorting plant at Mikhailovsky GOK (part of Metalloinvest). Replacing the exhauster will ensure that air will be cleaned more efficiently: absorption has been increased by almost 20% in comparison with the previous system. In addition, the walls of the new exhauster are thicker, which guarantees that the machine will have a service life of up to twenty years.

The exhauster is part of the dust-removal system in the loading bay for dry products, sintering ore and concentrate. The equipment will be launched by October, in time for the start of the product-drying period.

Andrey Ugarov, First Deputy CEO, COO, Management Company Metalloinvest, commented: "We regularly upgrade gas and dust purification systems at Metalloinvest enterprises, including at the Mikhailovsky GOK crushing and sorting plant. A careful attitude to the environment is not just a slogan for us, but a key priority area for the Company's management. Metalloinvest always modernises its enterprises using the best available technology, including equipment that allows the Company to reduce its environmental impact. As a result, our environmental footprint is significantly lower than the norms set by environmental regulation. This is confirmed by the regular tests carried out both by our laboratories, and by external facilities."

The renovation of the air purification system is one of the key components of Metalloinvest's environmental programme. The Company implements all essential initiatives to lessen the impact of its production facilities on the environment. All new investment projects initiated by the Company are developed with the environmental credentials of the new equipment taken into account. For example, at Lebedinsky GOK, the cleanest iron production technology currently in existence has been implemented: the direct reduction of iron to produce HBI, while the July 2017 launch of HBI-3 Plant at Mikhailovsky GOK was included in the 2017 Russian Year of the Environment. A new pellet plant (Pellet Plant #3) was launched at Lebedinsky GOK in 2015, whose production facilities contain the most advanced technological solutions and equipment: the most state-of-the-art system of gas-air streams ensures minimal atmospheric emissions, and the level of filtration of developed gases reaches 98%.

The Company allocates multimillion investment initiatives to the environmental activity of its enterprises. Funds are provided for soil recultivation, recycling water supply and gas purification systems, dust filters, scientific and project work in the environmental sector, as well as the implementation of other environmental initiatives.

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