Metalloinvest launches interactive version of 2016 annual report

Metalloinvest has launched an online version of its annual report for 2016. The report, created using modern data presentation technologies, enables users to easily access information about the Company's performance in 2016, as well as the strategic advantages and priorities of Metalloinvest's development.

The interactive report can be found here:

This year, Metalloinvest's annual report was released under the following slogan: 'The first link in the value-creation chain'. The concept of the report reflects the Company's fundamental role as a producer of high-value raw materials, which form the base of products from across a range of sectors that provide value to the general public, such as machines, mechanisms, buildings and the construction industry . Metalloinvest is a supplier of iron ore raw materials and metallised products to Russian and foreign metals enterprises, as well as a supplier of high-quality finished steel products for car building, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, bridge construction, the pipe industry and the construction industry.

The report outlines the four main factors of Metalloinvest's success: a unique resource base, low controlled costs, demand-oriented production and a diversified sales market. Thanks to these competitive advantages, the Company not only maintained its sustainable position in the otherwise unstable macroeconomic environment of 2016, but also produced record volumes of iron ore, pellets, HBI/DRI and pig iron.

A handy navigation system ensures that the report is extremely easy to use. This system is complemented by a wide range of service functions, enabling the user to customise the interface and generate a personal report based on its individual chapters and pages. Investors, partners, media and other stakeholders can analyse the results of the Company's activity with the help of professional analytical IR tools.

As was the case last year, Metalloinvest's report includes a feedback service in the form of an online survey. This format allows each user to contribute to the improvement of the Company's reporting quality. The Company’s commitment to transparency and compliance with the best practices of corporate reporting have been recognised by the expert community on numerous occasions..

Metalloinvest’s annual report for 2015 received a platinum award at one of the most prestigious international competitions, the 2016 Impact Awards Corporate Reputation Competition, which is conducted by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP); it also received platinum awards at the MarCom Awards, another prestigious international competition, in the following categories: 'Best printed annual report' and 'Best interactive annual report'.

In addition, Metalloinvest's annual reports have won awards at the following events: the Galaxy Awards (USA), the World's Best Corporate Websites iNOVA Awards (USA), the St. Petersburg Annual Competition of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Annual Reports Competition run by the Moscow Stock Exchange and the RCB media group, RAEX (RA Expert), the Moscow International Corporate Video Festival (MICVF) and other competitions.

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