EVRAZ NTMK has shipped a lot of new design railway wheels to Deutsche Bahn

EVRAZ NTMK has for the first time shipped a lot of 240 BA220 passenger railway
wheels to Deutsche Bahn, the largest German operator. BA220 railway wheels is a new product for the Mill. The wheels are manufactured with ER7 steel grade and demonstrate rim hardness of 235 HB and above; wheel diameter is 920 mm.

 Following the customer’s request the wheels are coated with a special detector paint that changes the color if the wheel is heated to critical temperature in operation. Heating may evidence possible structural changes, therefore if the color changes the wheel is taken out of service and tested.

This is the first case of application of this paint in Russia. The wheel packing technology has also been changed for DB. It has been adapted to European warehouses and is assembled from profiled metal.

"The new contract with Deutsche Bahn is the biggest and longest in the history of our partnership. Besides, this is the first time we supply passenger wheels to the European market. Cooperation with the German operator will allow us to make a statement in a new product segment and bring about broad opportunities in the European market," remarked Ilya Shirokobrod, EVRAZ Vice-President, Sales and Logistics.

Representatives of DB confirmed that the wheels comply with the specification.

 Earlier this summer Deutsche Bahn experts held a comprehensive audit of the oxygen converter and wheel
and tyre shops, the engineering control department, the central laboratory and other departments of the
Mill. They were satisfied that EVRAZ NTMK was in full compliance with their requirements and confirmed
the product shipment certificate.
EVRAZ NTMK will manufacture and deliver another 1,440 wheels to Deutsche Bahn by the end of 2017

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